Glitchfeminismi (2022)

Author: Legacy Russell

Published by: Tutkijaliitto

Graphic Design: Roby Redgrave McPherson

Finnish Translation: Liisa-Irmelen Liwata, Iida Nissinen, Henrik Pathirane, Aurora Pöly, Oona Rohde, Iina Tossavainen, Juuli Tykyrä, Vishnu Vardhani Rajan & Taneli Viljanen

Glitchfeminism - The Manifesto is a passionate manifesto of a woman who grows up at the keyboard and finds a social revolutionary power in the operating cultures of Internet communities. Author and curator Legacy Russell seeks to activate this reversal by urging everyone to act against Internet algorithms - to glitch the entire system. Glitch is a surprising state of freedom, short circuit and disruption.

Rejecting the divide between digital and so-called real-life, Glitchfeminism opens up new directions in feminist debate, action, and art. Technology, body, gender and identity are no longer the same.